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I remember when I first suggested to my husband Russ to make an appointment at the Fenelli Law Offices – he resisted, something I think is a common reaction for relatively young people (he was 48 years old at the time) – but I insisted. Being a blended family – me with my son, he with his – I sensed that way down the road when we were both ‘gone’ it would be much easier for the boys to have things all laid out… what I didn’t realize at that moment was that in the space of a year and a half, that time would come for our family. Shortly after celebrating his 50th birthday, Russ was killed unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident – he left one Sunday morning, told me he loved me, kissed me good-bye… and that was it. The next time I saw my husband, Russ was lying in the ICU where he spent the final three weeks of our life together. Having Rick and the entire Fenelli family to support me during that period of my life – before, during, and after the death of my husband – was so significant, so meaningful, and so… compassionate; not simply from a business perspective but from a humanity perspective. I cannot accurately describe what it meant to myself and my loved ones to have the Fenelli family’s continuing care, guidance, and support.

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