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My family has worked with the Law Offices of Rick Fenelli for over fifteen years. Rick and his staff have written approximately ten Trusts for all the members of my family. Each Trust is tailored to fit the needs and desires of each of the parties involved. This was not an easy task and required extensive knowledge of the laws, specialized skills, patience, imagination and the expertise to accomplish what each party wanted. No two Trusts are alike.

Before Rick, several of us had Trusts that were prepared by others. However, once we started working with Rick and his Staff we quickly realized that there were major differences between his office and others.

He and his staff patiently led us through each phase and each section of the Trust. They listened to us, advised us, and modified each Trust as necessary to satisfy our special needs while at the same time doing what was legally required to protect us and our families.

In today’s world, unless an Estate is very simple, a Trust composed of standard boiler plate paragraphs and details is not satisfactory. Anyone using the Law Offices of Rick Fenelli and their expertise will soon discover how important a tailor made Trust is. Periodic updating and modifications, when recommended by Rick’s staff, are important to keep the Trust current with changes in the laws and family situations and are highly recommended.

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